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SHAREMUSIC SOUTH-WEST was set up in 2008 as a “not-for-profit” organisation. We started in a small way running single-day workshops but have now developed our ideas and are running 5 or 6 workshops a year, many of which run over a number of days, as well as regular weekly music sessions and specialist dementia workshops. In 2012 we were granted charity status, and our Registered Charity Number is 1148695.

Under our constitution SHAREMUSIC SOUTH-WEST is made up of Members who elect the Management Committee and Officers at the Annual General Meeting. The cost of becoming a Member is a minimum of £10 per annum and if you would like to support us in this way please go to the Join Us section of the website.

Members of the Management Committee

Members of the Management Committee

The members of the Management Committee take part directly in our various activities including helping with the workshops. The following are a few examples of some of the members working with Participants at The Calvert Trust Courses:

Photo of John working with Craig
John working with Craig

Photo of Rob working with Rosie
Rob working with Rosie

Photo of Ian working with John
Ian working with John

Photo of Ron working with Kelvin
Ron working with Kelvin

The approach used by SHAREMUSIC SOUTH-WEST is based on the ideas developed by Dr Michael Swallow (a practising neurologist) and Richard Stilgoe (founder of the Orpheus Centre in Surrey) when they created the original Share Music in 1985. They successfully ran many 7-day residential courses across the UK, Southern Ireland and Sweden until the cost of the 7-day courses grew more quickly than available funds, and the organisation ceased to exist in 2004. We are very fortunate, however, that both Michael and Richard have agreed to be our Patrons, together with Sophia Alexandersson who is the Director of Share Music Sweden (the only remaining part of the original Share Music which is still very active — see the Share Music Sweden website).

If you think that Share Music South West is a valuable contribution to the community and would like to support us by being a member then please complete and return the application form.